Ms. Vigil's Spanish Class

Overview of the Class:

For many students, is their first complete exposure to a second language. World Language class is designed to promote understanding of new cultures, customs and have our students communicate in a second language. Students will learn basic grammar in an oral/aural context in each class. Students are expected o develop the four language skills of speaking, listening, basic reading and writing as well as an appreciation of Latino culture.
Students will also work on establishing the trains of thought and other approaches necessary to acquiring and applying vocabulary in another language. In regards to verbs, students master the present tense and begin to study preterite tense by the end of the academic year. Otherwise, the focus is more on nouns, pronouns, question words and other expressions.
Students are expected to come prepared to class with all the required materials. Students are expected to observe and uphold all school policies concerning behavior, dress code, and attendance. 

Class length: 
42 minutes, three days a week for one a marking period.

Textbook used:

Homework and projects:
Students will be assigned projects and homework to supplement the content and activities covered in class. These assignments must be completed outside of class and returned on the assigned due date for full credit. There may be the occasional day where homework is not assigned. Homework assignments will depend upon what we are doing in class at the time. Your homework will be graded by completion. Completed homework will receive a 100%
* Check the class calendar for daily assignments.

Missed Work:
- If a student is absent, it is the student's responsibility to ask for missed assignments on the day they return to class.
- The student will have one day for every day absent to turn in the missed assignment(s) for credit.
- Make sure you turn in any missed work to me to make sure you receive credit for your work.
- If a quiz or test is missed, the student will take the test on the day the student returns to class.

Late Work:
I accept late work one day after the due date for partial credit.

If a student fails to turn a project in on time, 10 points will be deducted each day that the project is turned in late. After the 4th day, a project is not turned in, the project will receive a grade of a 0 and may not be made up.

Class Participation:

Class participation is crucial for success. Students will be graded on participation and the fulfillment of the promise to use only the target language during class. Students will be given integrated performance assessments that will measure their progress in communication in the target language.
Being disruptive, being unprepared, and refusing to participate in class during class discussions and activities in the target language shall result in lower scores.


* I'm always available for extra help after school until 3:15, if additional time for help is needed it after school, the student should let me know one day in advance.  

*You can always contact me at or call the school to set up an appointment.

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