District-wide Procedures for Visitors


Procedures for Visitors - District-Wide

  • Visitors are required to report directly to the school office upon entering the building.

  • Each visitor shall enter his or her name, the purpose of his or her visit, and the time of entrance into the log book.

  • Visitors will be issued an identification badge that must be worn and visible.

  • Permission to proceed to a classroom must be sought from the building administrator or designee.

  • Requests to visit a classroom should be made at least two days in advance of the intended visit.

  • Should the intended visit interfere with the planned instructional program, the principal will so advise the visitor and suggest another time for the visit.

  • Visitors must verbalize their intended destination to school office personnel. Office personnel will then contact the classroom teacher.

  • Visitors will wait in the front entrance until permission is given to proceed to the classroom.

  • Visitors will report back to the main office, sign out, return the badge, and proceed directly out of the building.

As per:

Policy 9150-  School Visitors

Reg.  R9150-School Visitors

Policy 7440-  Security of School Premises

Reg. R7440- School Security