LV Moore's Uniform Policy

2019-2020 School Uniform Policy

Grade 5

Girls:                                                                                          Boys:

Yellow Uniform Blouses/or Polo Shirt (Not Navy)         Yellow Uniform Shirts/ or Polo Shirt (Not Navy)

   Navy Uniform Slacks, Shorts or Skirts                                        Navy Uniform Slacks or Shorts

               Navy Sweater                                                                              Navy Sweater

For Gym: Navy sweatpants or shorts/yellow t-shirt (No logos)

Grade 6

            Girls:                                                                                    Boys:

White Uniform Blouses/or Polo Shirt (Not Navy)          White Uniform Shirts/or Polo Shirt (Not Navy)

         Navy Slacks, Shorts or Skirts                                                    Navy Slacks or Shorts

                   Navy Sweater                                                                      Navy Sweater 


For Gym: Navy sweatpants or shorts/white t-shirt (No logos)

Students are NOT permitted to wear advertisements, logos, stripes or writing on the school uniform (including gym clothes and sweaters).

Please label (with permanent marker) all clothing with your child’s name. We are not responsible for lost items.

Jeans, yoga pants, “jeggings” and leggings are NOT permitted at any time unless otherwise specified in a letter or flyer from school.

Open toe shoes, sandals, slide ons, slippers and flip flops are NOT permitted at any time for safety reasons. 

During warm weather students are NOT permitted to wear tank tops (spaghetti straps), see through clothing, low-cut clothing, cuts in jeans or short shorts during dress down days.

NO hoodies