Mrs. Petrucelli's 6th Grade Language Arts

Mrs. Petrucelli
6th Grade Language Arts Class

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Welcome Back!

Dear Parents and/or Guardians,

            First I would like to start by welcoming you to the 2016-2017 school year. My name is Mrs. Petrucelli and I will be your child’s Language Arts/Literacy teacher this year. I am looking forward to a year filled with exciting learning experiences! My goal is to make sure our students receive a positive growing and learning experience by working as a team, teacher-child-parent. Communication, consistency, and positive reinforcement will be the key to success for your student.

            Your child’s education is of the utmost importance to me, as I know it is to you. In order to ensure that your child understands the concepts presented in class, he/she will have homework in Language Arts each night. I am implementing an Article of the Week assignment that requires multiple steps and will require students to perform different steps each night. The Article of the Week assignments will be utilized to practice the skills taught at school, dissect a text, analyze, then formulate opinions, thoughts, and ideas about the topics presented. Completion of homework is essential for evaluation of skill mastery.

            Homework is your child’s responsibility. However, you can help them to develop a responsible attitude toward homework by providing a set time, quiet place, and some assistance. Homework can and will help increase your child’s school achievement, teach good study skills, and teach the student responsibility and self-discipline. Please monitor your child’s homework assignments daily either online through my teacher webpage or by checking your child’s agenda. Please see to it that your child’s homework is done neatly and check with them to make sure it is turned in on time, as points will be deducted for late assignments.

            This year, each child will receive an assignment/agenda book. Assignments will be posted on the board daily and it is your child’s responsibility to copy his/her assignments down in their agenda book. It is then your child’s responsibility to take home the agenda and necessary work to complete the assignment. In addition, I post daily homework assignments on my class page under the Calendar tab that can assist you and your child in completing their daily/absent work. Your child is then also responsible for bringing his/her homework to class the next day. If homework is completed and not brought to class, it will unfortunately not be considered completed and points will be deducted for turning it in late.

            If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child, please feel free to contact me by writing a note, calling the school office at 908-298-2047 ext. 7047, or by e-mailing me at Thank you in advance for your cooperation and collaboration. It is only with students, parents, and teachers working together that we can provide your child with the best possible education. I am looking forward to working with you and your child this school year!


Mrs. Petrucelli


Contacting Me:
District E-mail :

By Phone: You can contact the main office and leave a message for me and I will return your call as soon as possible.

In Person: I am available between 9-9:25AM to meet in person if necessary/requested.

District Grading Policy:
Tests/Major Projects/Assessments    35%
Minor Projects/Classwork                15%
Quizzes                         15%       
Homework                      20%
Class Participation      15%

Homework will be posted daily on the board when you walk into class and I expect you to write it down in your agenda before you leave class. Homework is to be completed by the due date before you arrive in  class. There will be days when you have written homework, reading homework, or you will be working on a project; you may be working on research or studying for a test or quiz. Homework assignments will depend upon what we are doing in class at the time. Your homework will be graded for completion and accuracy. Completed homework will receive a 100% and incomplete homework will receive partial credit or a zero.

Missed Work:
* If a student is absent, it is the student's responsibility to ask for missed assignments on the day they return to class.
* The student will have one day for every day absent to turn in the missed assignment(s) for credit.
* Make sure you turn in any missed work into your class inbox to make sure you receive credit for your work.
* I expect you to check my website or e-mail me for missed work if you are absent for more than one day at a time.
* If a test is missed, the student will take the test on the day the student returns to class.

Late Work:
If your work is late, this demonstrates a lack of dedication. I accept work one day late with a penalty of minus 10 points. After one day late, work may be turned in for partial credit. It is your responsibility to turn your work in completed and on time! If emergency circumstances arise, you may discuss them privately with me before school, during lunch, or after school.

If a student fails to turn a project in on time, 10 points will be deducted each day that the project is turned in late. After the 4th day a project is not turned in, the project will receive a grade of a 0 and may not be made up unless there are extenuating circumstances and I have spoken with a parent/guardian.