Lab Rules
Globe and computer


FIRST of all I expect everyone to come to class every day with a lot of energy, everything we do in class will require you to be upbeat and STAY POSITIVE.

SECOND: I expect you to talk in appropriate times. We will be heavily depending on each other to learn and to accomplish our goals on a daily basis, this will require you to be able to talk and COMMUNICATE with your classmates.

THIRD: I expect everyone to listen; this is probably the most important of any of my expectations and rules.

Anyone can talk but not very many people are able to listen effectively.


Come in to lab quietly; go to assigned computer.

Only visit approved Internet sites with permission 

Make sure you leave your workspace as you found it!

Print only with permission and only push Print once!

Use only your assigned computer.

Treat classmates, teacher & stuff with respect.

Eat and drink OUTSIDE of the lab only.

Read the screen BEFORE asking questions.

Leave attitudes at the door

Ask immediate neighbors for help before teacher.

Be prepared to learn something new every day