Mr. Gonzalez's Physical Education

Hello My Name Is...

Mr. William Gonzalez Jr.

As a physical educator, I will guide students to develop physical and mental attributes that will help them in their student life as well as prepare them for adulthood. It is my obligation to reach out to every student and make this learning experience interesting, comfortable and safe. I will ensure that my teachings will be beneficial to my students and the knowledge that is presented to them will also be beneficial to their friends and families.

            Physical educators should stay current and active on their knowledge of technology, nutrition, exercises and activities. They must make their classroom an educational, interesting and safe experience. We should always behave in a professional, respectable manner and be open to new ideas from our peers as well as our students. As teachers we need to understand that everyday is a learning experience for us as well. We need to take that knowledge and experience and implement it into our teaching strategies and methods. We should be prepared for the students and set realistic goals, in which they can be used as a motivational tool, but also give the students a sense of accomplishment.

            Teachers in general not just physical educators need to be patient with their students. All students learn at a different pace, we must learn the difference between motivation and demoralization. We must come up with different and intuitive ways to ensure that we are educating all of our students. Our lessons must be as dynamic as Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences. The environment should be positive and all the students should feel comfortable in engaging or participating in class. We need to respect everyone’s individual, cultural and learning differences, but also provide an equal and fair environment.

            As teachers we should look at ourselves as bridges that can lead to our students to transferring that knowledge they obtained, for use inside and outside of school. We are not just teachers of academics, but of life long attributes. We are mentors as well as role models. All avenues of communications should be left open so that you may build a positive and caring relationship with your students. We should support their positive actions or beliefs as well as discipline their negative actions. The students need to know that we are their rock if they need someone to lean on, but we are no pushovers.

            Our assessment strategies should not only be on evaluating the students, but as well as evaluating our performance as teachers.  As educators we should come up with a guide of instructional strategies that can help our students reach a goal or strive to be better than what they are. Each student should be evaluated equally, but we as teachers should make fair, non-biased adjustments to meet their learning or physical needs and capabilities. Our self evaluation should reflect on how well our students are doing as a group. We need to take these results and come up with better strategies that can make our classroom learning experience better than what they already may be. Each teacher should practice the standards that are in place for what a positive and effective teacher should be. Not only should we push our students to be the best that they can be, but we should also strive to be the best teacher possible. At the same time we must also set realistic goals for the students and ourselves.

            As teachers our main objective is to influence all of our students, peers and community in a positive way. We must guide our students with our knowledge and positive attitude, so that the influence we have upon them can then motivate them to be positive role models themselves.