6th Grade General Music Information

6th Grade Syllabus for Music

Welcome to Music Class!

In our 9 weeks together we will be learning how to write your own music compositions. Learning how to write your own music helps you become more of a creative person. It also helps you with critical problem solving which helps in other areas of your studies.

How will you be graded?

You will be graded five ways:




Tests (Your Final)

Attitude and Participation (Bigger factor than you think)

An estimation of how will you grade be weighed?

Workbook-                 40 Points

Projects/Quizzes-      30 Points

Test-                        20 Points

Att & Par-                   10 Points    

Total:                         100 Points

Merit Points:

When I walk in the door your Merit Score is at a 20. However violations of rules such as talking will result in a reduction of your points. If your score falls below a 10 (50%) you will have a lunch detention. If it falls below a five, central detention and a call home to your parents. If it falls to a zero you will be written up and referred to the office.

Materials Needed: a writing utensil

Standards and Expectations for Music

1. Talking and Speaking whether out of turn or while the teacher is talking is not acceptable and is considered rude and disrespectful.

2. Remain seated unless you ask for permission to get up. Do not move your chair unless directed by me.

3. Be polite and respectful to each other. Do not dare insult another classmate’s answer, also keep your hands and feet to yourself.

4. Put forth your best effort every time, you only hurt yourself if you don’t try.

5. Save questions until after I am done speaking.

6. Bathroom and water will not be allowed after the first 10 minutes of class, after 10 minutes only extreme emergencies will be permitted to leave the classroom. If you go to the bathroom and gone more than two minutes, bathroom privileges will be revoked.

7. No cell phones or external electronic devices are allowed.

8. If you are absent from class, you are responsible for collecting any missed material. You must set up a time to come collect materials.

9. Keep an open mind to new experiences and have fun! (But not distracting fun)


Behaving badly or failing to comply with the standards and expectations are subjected to the following consequences:

1. Verbal Warnings

2. Loss of Merit Points

3. Call Home

4. Recess Detention

5. Central Detention

6. Office Referral

What will you be learning over the next Nine Weeks?

On weeks that we only have two classes, only class one and two of the week apply. Changes will be made at instructor’s discretion.

Week 1- Intro, Bach, and Mozart

Week 2 - Beethoven, Stravinsky, Strauss

Week 3 - Shostakovich, Sousa, Bernstein

Week 4 - Opera, Ballet, Broadway

Week 5 - PBL Week

Week 6 - Jazz History and Funk/Pop Music

Week 7 - Rock & Roll and Movie Music

Week 8 - Rap and Hip-Hop Culture

Week 9 - Final Project and Final Assessment

Week 10 (If Applicable) - Final Week Activities

Closing Thoughts:

Most of you think that music will be an easy A, I assure you that will not be the case. Music is too important to our culture as a whole. It is important for you to know music as a whole and discover music in a new light and have a new appreciation for music. I have been involved in music for 20 years and I am still learning so much about music that gives me a new appreciation for it. I am hoping to share that experience with you and you be allowed to create your own new respect and appreciation for music.

While your nine weeks with me will not be easy, I also expect you to do one more thing: have fun! Create your own new appreciation for music! Experience something new and keep your mind open to new and unique possibilities. If you promise me that you will keep an open mind, I will promise you that I will make your music experience as much fun as possible!

Let’s have a great experience!

Mr. Wasco