Chorus Information

Welcome to LV Moore Choir!

I look forward to working with all of you as you display your unique voices to perform together this year for LV Moore. Please read carefully to the instructions and expectations below.

Things to Know

5th Grade Choir: Your rehearsal will be Wednesdays 7th Period in Mr. Durant’s Classroom

6th Grade Choir: Your Rehearsal will be Thursdays 3rd Period in Mrs. Newman’s Classroom.

Rehearsals in Gyms will be based on Gym Class.

You must report to rehearsal during class time, not to your class first. If your teacher needs you in class, they will email me. I will not be sending students to come and get you.

You will receive a choir folder that you are responsible for. That folder is for you to keep and will have choir music in it. You will have a folder for rehearsals that will be with me and will be collected at the end of every rehearsal.


You are responsible for any work that you miss from your classes. Should I receive notice from your teacher that you are falling behind in your work you will be placed on leave.

You are expected to maintain a high academic standard, therefore should your grades fall below an 80 in more than 2 classes, you will be removed until your grades improve.

If you are in choir you are required to maintain a certain standard in behavior. Therefore if your teacher informs me that you must remain in class because you are being disrespectful. You will be removed from choir until further notice.

Being absent from rehearsal hurts the ensemble, so unless a teacher notifies me, you are only allowed two excused absences a quarter. The more time you miss, the more likely you are to be removed.